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Helm chart for deploying Speckle server to Kubernetes

Speckle is data infrastructure for the AEC industry.

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Speckle Server Helm Charts

This Helm chart bundles all Speckle developed components of the Speckle server deployment. Please note that data storage and persistence requirements of the app are not installed by the chart, as these are external dependencies. The required dependencies are listed in our deployment dependencies page.


A full guide to deploying on Kubernetes can be found in Speckle’s Documentation, we recommend that you follow this guide if you are new to Kubernetes or Helm.

The below are brief notes which will require additional dependencies and configuration.


Helm must be installed to use the charts. Please refer to Helm’s documentation to get started.


Once Helm has been set up correctly, add the repo as follows:

$ helm repo add speckle https://specklesystems.github.io/helm

If you had already added this repo earlier, run helm repo update to retrieve the latest versions of the packages. You can then run helm search repo speckle to see the charts.

To install the speckle-server chart:

$ helm upgrade --install --create-namespace --namespace speckle-test my-speckle-server speckle/speckle-server

where my-speckle-server will be the name of the Helm release.

More details about the values to configure for your release can be found in Speckle’s Documentation

By default the chart will install in the speckle-test namespace, that name can be set in the chart values.


To uninstall the chart:

$ helm uninstall my-speckle-server --namespace speckle-test

Depending on the Infrastructure on which Speckle was released, a load balancer may have been created. This may have to be manually deleted.


Other repos

Make sure to also check and ⭐️ these other Speckle repositories:

Developing and Debugging

This repository is a clone of the Helm chart in the Speckle Server repository.

⚠️ Pull requests are not accepted to this repository ⚠️. Instead, please contribute to the Helm chart within the Speckle Server repository.


For any security vulnerabilities or concerns, please contact us directly at security[at]speckle.systems.


Unless otherwise described, the code in this repository is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License. Please note that some modules, extensions or code herein might be otherwise licensed. This is indicated either in the root of the containing folder under a different license file, or in the respective file’s header. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email.